December 2017

An Introduction to Light-Assisted Bioprinting: Writing The Body With Light

Imagine having the power to communicate directly with cells, commanding a vat of cellular liquid to form an intricate biological construct. While this seems like an ideal mechanism for ordering a hot meal à la Star Trek replicator, it turns out this is being done today by a number of research labs around the world, thanks to a bioprinting technique that relies on light to control the formation of biomaterial structures. 2016

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Advances in Biofabrication: 3D Printing Stem Cells

Bioprinting is one of the most exciting areas of research and development in the realm of biotechnology because of its potential for major impact in the field of medicine. Stem cells have been a key target of recent advances in 3D bioprinting, and one I’ve been particularly interested in watching because of their applicability to a broad range of problems. Stem cells have myriad applications in regenerative medicine, tissue replacement,

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Augmented Reality And The Science Fiction Future Of Work

The “Pokemon Go” phenomenon that swept the globe in 2016 gave millions of consumers their first taste of augmented reality. In 2017, augmented reality developer platforms including Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore, Amazon’s Sumerian and Facebook’s AR Studio all launched, signaling a belief amongst major tech giants that AR holds significant value for a consumer technology ecosystem focused on gaming, special effects, social interactions, and shopping. These new platforms give developers and

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